Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Intel runs WiMAX in Brazil

Intel is really going big guns, gunning for WiMAX all aorund the world. And they have a point too. Look for yourself what you can do with it.

You deploy it:
  1. On-the-fly (Well compared to other promises which died a sorry death.
  2. "The Mercury's Dean Takahashi quoted Oscar Clarke, general manager for Intel Brazil: "If we can be successful here, we will replicate this in other isolated communities around the world where electricity and telecommunications are unreliable. If Parintins can do it, it can be done anywhere." Bold statement but it will really break through the other conventional barriers that telecom has been facing.
  3. Clendenning reports that "overall, Intel will spend $1bn over the next five years with its World Ahead Programme", which was started earlier this year and "aims to help close the digital divide between developed and developing nations". This is a great thing too. We need to invest into the future.
  4. Something surely to be investigated in my trip to Africa!
Keep waching...

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